Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is currently pending. Check back for updates soon!


Conference Advisor: Rotarian Judy (Maryland, USA)

Conference Director: Rotarian Navin (Washington, DC, USA)

Assistant Conference Director: Rotarian Cody (North Carolina, USA)

Director of Programs: Rotaractor Zineb (New York, USA)

Director of Registrations & Visas:

Director of Finance: Rotaractor Marko (Serbia)

Director of Promotions & Social Media:

General Secretary:

Director of Logistics:

Director of Web Service

Director of Athletics:

Director of Risk Management:

Director of Editorial Services:

Director of Fun:


Assistant Directors of Programs



Assistant Director of Registrations, Visas & Finance:


Assistant Directors of Promotions


Assistant Director of Logistics:


Assistant Director of Athletics


Assistant Director of Risk Management


Social Media Committee



Translation Committee



LeadershipConnect Committee



Honorary Committee Members